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              Hot stamping and heat transfer printing process

              heat press machine 

              1. Round pressing hot stamping method:

              The round pressing hot stamping method is actually the process principle of a flat heat transfer machine. The flat heat transfer machine is mainly designed for transfer printing of flat substrates and large curved surfaces. There are several main forms of products that can be subjected to circular embossing transfer printing: products that require transfer printing on the entire surface. The panel of household appliances, a certain surface of cosmetic boxes, the upper surface of plastic gift boxes or wooden jewelry boxes, toy puzzle boards, plastic decorative murals, table display racks, fans, PVC plastic panels, etc., snowboards, plastic promotional posters. By designing a floating device on the workbench, the circular flat hot stamping machine can transfer special products with complex shapes. The representatives of this type of heat transfer machine are KC-H-150M and KC-H-300M. We usually refer to the heat transfer machine as the transfer machine with the embossing device as the rubber roller.

              2. Rotary hot stamping method:

              It is the process principle of cylindrical heat transfer printing machines. In order to achieve multiple uses of one machine, the vast majority of hot stamping machine manufacturing factories combine the functions of flat heat transfer printing machines and circular heat transfer printing machines to achieve dual functions of flat surfaces. When conducting flat transfer printing, the rubber roller is pressed down and rotated, and the workbench moves in the left and right directions; When conducting surface transfer printing, keeping the workbench stationary only results in a pure rolling interaction between the rubber roller and the circular product.

              Hollow plastic bottles: One type is relatively hard and can withstand the pressure of rubber rollers. These bottles can be transferred, but axial positioning measures must be taken. The other type is relatively soft, and these products must be inflated before being transferred.

              U plastic hose

              Toothpaste, facial cleanser, hand cream, facial cleanser, etc. These products have an opening as large as the bottle body, making it easy to make support shafts for transfer printing.

              U cup products

              Cup products are similar to hoses, with openings generally larger than the bottle body, making it more convenient to make support shafts. Cup products use transfer printing technology for the largest proportion.

              Gilding process

              3. Flat pressing hot stamping method:

              Model of a flat stamping machine: Stamping text and trademarks on a certain part of the flat surface. For example, VCD panel. The action of a flat metal stamping machine is relatively simple, just performing up and down movements on the hot plate. This type of stamping machine has the widest variety: KC-HM-TC series manual flat stamping machine, KC-H-TC series pneumatic flat stamping machine.

              4. Flat press round hot stamping method:

              Able to achieve hot stamping on circular surfaces. For example: plastic bottle caps, ballpoint pens, hoses, glass bottles, circular dials, golf clubs, plastic boxes for skincare products, food plastic packaging, etc. KC-H-TC50K, KC-H-TC70K, KC-H-TC100K are typical surface hot stamping machines.

              Copying transfer printing process

              Many products are not standard flat or round surfaces, and some even have very complex surfaces. To perform hot stamping on the surface of these products, copying transfer printing technology is required: KC-H-TC120KM is a floating copying hot stamping machine with a workbench that can generate up and down floating, making the hot stamping product and rubber roller in close contact; KC-H-TC318M is a floating type imitation hot stamping machine with rubber rollers that can float along the contour of the product to complete hot stamping.


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